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Product Information

Superior performance under extreme conditions.

Brake fluid is one of the most important components in a braking system. When the pedal is actuated, the fluid is pressurised and it transmits the pressure to the pads or shoes. Additionally, it also lubricates the moving parts and protects the entire system from corrosion. Brake fluids are also suitable for use in clutch systems.

Bosch brake fluid exceeds the set standards. With higher wet and dry boiling points, Bosch brake fluids are recommended every time as they are the safest choice.

Bosch offers several brake fluid variants conforming to DOT standards, in accordance with IS:8654-2001. DOT3 is the most commonly used brake fluid in vehicles. It cannot be mixed with or replaced by other variants. DOT4 indicated brake fluid with higher boiling points. This fluid is used in new-generation vehicles.


  • Consistent and steady brake pressure response throughout its service life
  • Optimal viscosity even under extreme temperature conditions
  • Maximum protection against vapour formation and corrosion
  • Enhanced lubrication of the hydraulic components
Part No: Grade Pack Size
0 986 AB7 000-8F8 DOT3 100 ml

0 986 AB7 001-8F8


1 ltr

0 986 AB7 002-8F8

5 ltrs

0 986 AB7 004-8F8


500 ml

0 986 AB7 005-8F8


250 ml

0 986 AB7 006-8F8

20 ltrs

F 002 H60 020-8F8


250 ml

F 002 H60 021-8F8


500 ml
Did you know?
  • Brake fluid should be between the "Maximum" and "Minimum" levels as mentioned in the reservoir. Do not over-fill the reservoir
  • Brake Fluid is hygroscopic in nature. Over a period of time the fluid gets contaminated with moisture which lowers the boiling point
  • It is advisable to change the brake fluid every 12 months or as recommended by the vehicle manufacturer
  • Always store brake fluid in the container
  • Avoild spilling the fluid; it can damage the paintwork of car. In case of spillage, wash it off with water - do not wipe. 
  DOT3 DOT3 Plus DOT4
Parameters DOT Standard Bosch DOT Standard Bosch DOT Standard Bosch
Dry boiling point in °C min 205 225 min 230 245 min 240 266
Wet boiling point °C min 140 152 min 155 161 min 165 182
Kinematic Viscosity at -40 °C 1500 max 889 1800 max 1412   918
Kinematic Viscosity at 100 °C 1.5 min 1.8 1.5 min 2.04   2.14
Ph value 7.0 - 11.5 8 7.0 - 11.5 8.65   9.4


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